Speaker guidelines

Presentations can be uploaded here: https://THCCAV.quickconnect.to/sharing/1wZnADoB0

Please indicate name of presenter, date, session and room when saving the file.

Presentations must be in PowerPoint format – max.1920 x 1080 pixels (16:9 format).


Congratulations on getting your paper accepted for oral presentation at IABMAS 2024. Please carefully address the instructions in the following guidelines.


Presentations shall be in PowerPoint format, broad 16:9 and in English. Please use the IABMAS template for your presentation. Do not cover too many details. Discuss only the major points of your work to the audience, supported by the conclusions drawn from your data - only limited time is available. A rushed presentation with too many slides is useless to the audience.

  • Keep data on each PowerPoint slide simple.
  • Use large, legible letters (as described in the IABMAS 2024 template).
  • Avoid commercial references. Advertising of products is prohibited.


The PowerPoint presentation has to be saved on the Congress Centre server. From 3rd June 2024, a link will be posted on the website where you can upload your presentation. Private computers cannot be allowed to be used for the sessions. Preview is possible in the Speakers Preview Room. Each session room has a laptop, one data/video projector, and one large screen.


If you have not uploaded your presentation before you arrive, please bring your PowerPoint on a USB stick to the Speakers Preview Room, and please ensure that all data is on the USB stick (e.g., embedded video files, extra fonts, unique graphs/drawings/pictures).

Technicians will receive your presentations in the Speakers Preview Room and transfer them to the conference PCs. Presentations must be deposited by the speaker, preferably the day before and at least 1 hour before the start of the session. All presentations are transferred to the relevant session room via the internal network. Only trained personnel will handle your presentation.

The Speakers Preview Room is located in Room “Akvariet 1” on the ground floor and will be open:
Monday 24th June 16:00 - 19:00
Tuesday 25th June 7:00 – 16:30
Wednesday 26th June 7:30 – 15:30
Thursday 27th June 8:00 – 15:00

Please inform DIS Congress Service at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of any changes in title, presenter, or mailing address. This will go into the online program.


Allow enough time between your arrival and the time of presentation. The program is tightly scheduled, and it is impossible to delay a presentation. Upon arrival at the congress center, please check whether any changes in time or room have occurred.

Identify yourself to the session chairperson 10 minutes before the session. Follow the instructions of the chairperson, especially regarding the time of your talk. Each session will last 90 minutes. The chairs are responsible for disposing of time. If you exceed your time, the session chairperson will be forced to terminate your presentation. There will be five presentations in each session with a time frame as follows:

  • Introduction of the presenter/presentation (½ minute)
  • Presentation (12 minutes)
  • Discussion/questions (5 minutes)
  • Closing of the presentation (½ minute)

Speak directly into the microphone using a normal voice level.