Photo: Thomas Rousing

Photo: Cees van Roeden

Photo: Thomas Høyrup Christensen


The official guide to Copenhagen :

Copenhagen is a metropolis with a small-town feel. It is compact, safe, ecofriendly and efficient, and with its extensive green areas, a harbour so clean that you can swim in it, and a world-famous bike culture, it is a city for life

Copenhagen is a dynamic metropolis and the natural centre of the Øresund Region. With the Øresund Bridge, a fixed link between Sweden and Denmark, and the modern and continuously expanding subway (Copenhagen Metro), the capital can be easily reached.

Danes rank among the world's most happy people. In Copenhagen and the beautiful surrounding region, you'll learn why. The buzzing capital mixes royal historymodern architecture and loads of culture with sustainable living and a mouthwatering restaurant scene.

Top attractions in Copenhagen: